Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Media Arts and Design program (MAAD) is the academic program, while the Media, Arts, Data and Design Center (MADD) is a facility on campus. While many courses tied to MAAD are held at the MADD Center, the two are not one in the same. The Center is made up of a consortium of labs including the Hack Arts Lab, the Weston Game Lab, the Computer Science Labs, and more. Participating in the MAAD program will certainly expose you to the MADD Center, but there are other departments and labs there that make use of the space and are their own entities.

A: Absolutely! For many classes, coding isn't required and it isn't a pre-requisite. You may learn some coding and creative computing in MAAD courses, but the instructors don't expect you to be walking in with a computer science background. They will teach you what you need to know to accomplish the projects and goals in the course. Not every MAAD course includes coding, and it's not something required by the program. It's just there if you'd like to take a course and try it out, and it won't be a sort of "traditional" coding class but more of a creative experiment.

A: While we do our very best to keep the website updated to match course listings, there are always cases of human error, class cancellations, or schedule changes that might affect the listings on MyUChicago. We simply might not know about those changes, or we missed a class while making edits. In any case, go with what you see on MyUChicago as those will be the courses you can register for.

A: You may double-count up to 4 courses for your two programs, pending approval from both MAAD and the other department. When checking for applicable courses, keep an eye out for cross-listed courses between MAAD and your other department.