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Consider the number of screens and connected devices in your immediate vicinity: the intersection of media arts and design plays a central role for the ways we learn, work, play, think, act, and communicate. The Media Arts and Design major (MAAD) charts pathways through the digital developments that have changed the character of contemporary life–opening these phenomena up to historical study, theoretical critique, and hands-on experimentation.

Are you looking to study 👾 video game design, 🧩 transmedia puzzle development, 🎬 digital filmmaking, 🎛 electronic sound design, 💬 digital storytelling, 🤖 algorithmic theater, 🔊 podcast development, 📈 data visualization, 🕶 computational imaging, 🔮 speculative design, and/or 📼 media 💀 history and 🧠 theory? The MAAD community may be for you.

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