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18801 : Chicago Film History

Description: This course will screen and discuss films made mostly by Chicagoans, concentrating on the period after WWII, until 1980 when Hollywood began using Chicago as a location. By examining various genres, including those not normally interrogated by academics, such as educational and industrial films, we will consider whether there is a Chicago style of filmmaking. Technological advances that enabled both film and video to escape the restrictions of the studio and go hand-held, into city streets and homes, will be discussed. If there is a Chicago style of filmmaking, one must look at the landscape of the city-the design, the politics, the cultures and labor of its people and how they live their lives. The protagonists and villains of Chicago stories are the politicians and community organizers, our locations are the neighborhoods, and the set designers are Mies Van Der Rohe and the Chicago Housing Authority.

Instructor(s): Judy Hoffman

Offered: Spring 2020

Category: History

Cluster(s): Digital Moving Image