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25316 : After You: Curating the Art & Algorithm Debate

Description: This course offers a unique opportunity to witness the process of - and, more importantly, actively contribute to - the conceptualization of a major exhibition of contemporary art, to be organized at the Neubauer Collegium and Smart Museum of Art in the winter and spring of 2021. The exhibition in question is titled After You: Art and Agency in the Age of Algorithms, and was conceived in dialogue with DoVA associate professor and participating artist Jason Salavon. Alluding to the specter of the post-human regime and the various challenges raised by rapid advances in digital technology in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular, After You will bring together the work of a dozen artists working at the intersection of more or less traditional modes of artistic production and their algorithmic antitheses. The primary focus of After You, and therefore also of this class, are the philosophical implications of the increased role of artificial intelligence in the creation and reception of art, in particular with regards to questions of artistic intent, authorship, and originality. We will discuss this phenomenon's short but vibrant history, meet artists, read key texts (Bostrom, Joselit, Steyerl, Zuboff), and view artworks, all the while laying the didactic groundwork for the 2021 exhibit in the process: a hands-on curatorial workshop centered on one of the defining debates of our time.

Instructor(s): Dieter Roelstraete

Offered: Spring 2020

Category: Elective

Cluster(s): Network Art, Digital Moving Image