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24550 : Evolution of Improvisation in Chicago

Description: This course explores the emerging genre of "immersive performance," "alternate reality," and "transmedia" gaming, and creatively responds to the present moment calling for creative solutions to shut-down situations. Through online discussions with Chicago-based artists, seminar discussions, and group projects and presentations, students will have a case study of a work-in-progress as the course matter. Topics will include script development, character creation and improv, and online platforms. In this unique class for this unique time, students will work towards building projects and ideas related to A Labyrinth - the forthcoming spring 2020 online project co-hosted by the Fourcasters, a transdisciplinary collective at The University of Chicago. Student generated work may be integrated into A Labyrinth, with the possibility of interaction with the University of Chicago community.

Instructor(s): Heidi Coleman

Offered: Spring 2020

Category: Practice

Cluster(s): Games