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25612 : Comics as Medium

Description: In a climate in which the borders differentiating media continue to collapse into something now referred to as "transmedia," what does it actually mean for us to move between mediums-particularly mediums that raise familiar issues of representation, temporality, and narrative? The objective of this course is to provide the necessary tools to enable critical reflection on the respective values and mutual relationships of comics, art and film. To achieve this, the course is divided into two units. The first weeks will be spent acquiring the technical and historical context that will enable us to begin to recognize the breadth and depth of word/image narrative practices. After developing a core vocabulary for thinking about comics as a medium we will then look at how artists and directors have drawn on that vocabulary in a range of different contexts. Retaining a sense of the specificity of both comics and film as artistic mediums, we will consider topics ranging from cross-cultural translation, ontologies of otherness, and modes of mediated history. Beyond questions of fidelity, we will look at what it means to adapt particular stories at particular moments. How does an X-Men comic from 1982 adapt to meet the historical needs of its film adaptation in 2002? What do we mean when we say a particular adaptation is "good" or that another attempt "failed"? The works this course will consider are meant to challenge our understanding of what the art of comics can be.

Instructor(s): James Rosenow

Offered: Spring 2019

Category: Elective

Cluster(s): Digital Moving Image