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27558 : No Future: Visual media and Contemporary Life

Description: No Future seeks to establish the grounds by which we might examine contemporary theories of the future--and perhaps its negation--through visual media and the production of art in the age of the algorithm. We will use this course as a means to consider new modes of subjectivity that arise as effect and response to mutating forms of control in society-and how we might refuse such mechanisms. Speeding through (art) history with detours at groups like the Futurists-with their violent reimagination of the human as a productive machine-and the Situationists-who vowed never to produce again, we will examine the fluxes and flows of subjectivity through the historical movement from Fordist production to the immaterial labor that powers the economies of today and tomorrow. We will discuss issues of work and non-work, image production and the labor of the artist, subjectivity and identity, the ends of cinema and History, and the state of the spectacle today. But what is left of the future? Is it already over?

Instructor(s): Andrew Pettinelli

Offered: Winter 2021

Category: Elective

Cluster(s): Digital Moving Image