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26531 : Race, New Media, and Youth Movements for Justice

Description: Although racial inequality is an enduring force in American society, new forms of activism--often facilitated by through new media--are changing the terms of political debate around issues of race, gender, power, and justice. From #BlackLivesMatter to #MeToo, sites of political struggle have become increasingly decentered and accessible to a broader array of people. And as is often the case, youth from marginalized groups are at the forefront of these struggles, redefining what counts as political and how to conceive of important concepts like equity, community, and dignity. This seminar-style course explores the past and present conditions that give rise to these youth-led movements, drawing from multiple scholarly lenses, including political science, sociology, literature, performance, film, and visual culture. Specifically, the course explores how young activists and cultural workers, who often identify as people of color, women, queer, and/or undocumented, draw on legacies of activism whilst making political claims using media, art, technology, or other nontraditional forms of participation. The course will engage various formats of political and cultural work, considering how intersecting forms of inequity and differing levels of access affect the shape and scope of participation in both institutions and popular culture.

Instructor(s): Elizabeth Davies, David Knight

Offered: Winter 2020

Category: Elective

Cluster(s): Digital Moving Image