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17010 : Gaming History

Description: How do games reflect, theorize, and alter history? This research seminar explores the history, design, and function of games within the history of knowledge and our knowledge of history. How have historical simulations, such as Civilization, represented scientific, social, and cultural progress? What is the role of popular titles, such as Call of Duty, in the pedagogy of public history? In this course, we will play games about history to consider how they represent the structure of time, causality, and choice. Through class discussions, example games, and theoretical readings, we will learn about methods, theories, and case studies for gaming history and historicizing games. Students will practice original archival, ethnographic, and media archaeological research into the history of games, and gain experience writing about and critically analyzing media objects. The seminar will emphasize practice-based research alongside traditional humanistic research.

Instructor(s): Katherine Buse, Bradley Bolman

Offered: Spring 2022

Category: History

Cluster(s): Games