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26819 : Video Game Music as Play and Discipline

Description: How do we engage with music in video games? What does this music mean-both in games and beyond? And what is the status of such music within broader notions of popular music culture? The emerging status of video game music qua music runs in parallel with the growing field of "Ludomusicology," the study of music and/in/as play, which has lately turned its focus to video games. In this course, we will engage directly with video game music through play and listening, discussing what defines this particular repertoire of music within this particular media form. We will also step outside of games to discuss contextual and sociocultural issues that surround such music and those who engage with it-particularly in ways that traverse the spectrum of serious to trivial. In doing so, we will interrogate the notion of "seriousness" more generally, thinking critically about how we build a "disciplined" academic field around a popular entertainment genre.

Instructor(s): Julianne Grasso

Offered: Spring 2019

Category: Elective

Cluster(s): Games, Electronic Music