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28989 : Virtual Reality and Religious Realities

Description: Virtual reality is at the cutting edge of modern technology and stands to impact many aspect of contemporary life. At the same time, religious and philosophical sources have been thinking the concept of virtuality for centuries. Responding to popular efforts to ask how religion should respond to advances in technology and mass media, we will ask how religious thought has laid the groundwork for and even anticipated these advances, and therefore how it can be used as a resource to address contemporary ethical and political challenges. This class will take us from ancient Jerusalem to cyberspace in order to interrogate the various contexts and guises in which the problem of virtual reality has appeared. Doing so will ask us to think about memory and the archive, temporality and history, faith and truth, immanence and transcendence, robots and even ghosts.

Instructor(s): Matthew Peterson

Offered: Spring 2020

Category: Elective

Cluster(s): Digital Moving Image