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22700 : Devising Fundamentals

Description: Devised theater is created from a multitude of sources but, importantly, not a preexisting script. Rather the 'script' (whether or not it eventually takes written form) is developed in rehearsal. This studio course engages students in methods of generating and crafting devised material, including but not limited to physical action, moment work, and verbatim text. Additionally we will focus on the generative power of 'problems' as a motor of creation, which draws from core principles of clowning. Through solo and collaborative projects, students will explore how devised theater wrestles with conventionally discrete roles in theater-making (writer, director, performer, dramaturg, and designer). Other considerations will include strategies for making disparate material cohere and more broadly, what constitutes a story. Select readings and case studies of artists working in devised theater will supplement the practice-based focus of the course.

Instructor(s): Leslie Danzig

Offered: Autumn 2020

Category: Practice