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10950 : Filth as Genre

Description: Is "filth" a genre? This course examines literary texts from antiquity to today that have been dismissed as smut, pulp, and/or trash in either their contemporary moment or reception, and it asks how we might develop as a class a theory of filth. Syllabus materials will range from Catullus's sparrow poems to Richard Crashaw's excremental poetry to Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre—labeled a "naughty book"—to contemporary objects such as: the romance novel (incl. the works of Melissa Blue, E.l. James, and Beverly Jenkins); film (John Waters' Trash Trilogy, Mark Robson's Valley of the Dolls); and online fanfiction databases. The course also provides an introduction to genre theory: we will explore established literary categories, with attention to intertextuality and periodization, and consider the construction of genre more broadly. (Pre-1650, Theory)

Instructor(s): Beatrice Bradley

Offered: Spring 2022

Category: Theory

Cluster(s): Digital Moving Image