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10992 : MetaPictures

Description: This course is based on an exhibition that was first staged at the Overseas Contemporary Art Terminal in Beijing in the fall of 2018, and subsequently re-enacted at the Royal Academy in Brussels in the spring of 2020. The exhibition explores "pictures within pictures," images that reflect on the nature of image-making, across a range of media and genres. A virtual version of the exhibition is available on the Prezi platform, and a physical installation, supported by the Smart Museum, will be installed in the Media Arts Data and Design Center (MADD). Visual materials for the course include paintings and drawings, diagrams, models of the visual process, image "atlases," multi-stable images, cinematic and literary representations of images nested within narratives. The readings for the course will include Michel Foucault on Velasquez's Las Meninas, Walter Benjamin on "dialectical images," C. S. Peirce on iconicity, Nelson Goodman on analog and digital codes, and Georges Didi-Huberman on Aby Warburg's Mnemosyne Bilderatlas. Students will be encouraged to explore traditional examples of metapictures such as the Duck-Rabbit (canonized by Gombrich and Wittgenstein) or to investigate newly emergent forms of self-reflexive media. Guest lectures will be given by Patrick Jagoda on experimental games and Hillary Chute on comics and graphic narrative; these might be coordinated with the Media Aesthetics ore sequence in the fall term, which focuses on the question of the image.

Instructor(s): Wiliam J T Mitchell

Offered: Autumn 2021

Category: Theory

Cluster(s): Digital Moving Image